MUSE travel MUSE travel is a young and active team. We adore traveling and Transcarpathia. We create amazing programs for groups!
Mariana Tovt
MICE Manager
Friendliness, kind-heartedness and a bag of interesting stories are about Mariana. She talks about trips around Transcarpathia so passionately that she's made hundreds of tourists fall in love with our region.
Inesa Izay
Inesa certainly takes the first place in creativity and non-standard ideas in our team. Her love for creativity makesa perfect matchwith her demands for the quality of our services. MUSE travel is about cool trips thought through to the tiniest details!
Jana Djord
Business Development Manager
If you really want to travel to Transcarpathia or havea working event here,Jana will help with the choice and offer the best places to travel to in Transcarpathia.
Tatyana Shpontak
MICE Manager
Tanya will gladly show you the most interesting tourist attractions in Transcarpathia and placesthat have been visited by few tourists. She is just the best tour guide ever and an extremelyactiveperson. Sometimes we even envy her energy :)

If you want something extremely special, if your dream is to get surprised or surprise your friends with a crazy trip or a super relax tour, if you want to make a corporate party "not like everybody else does" or visit places that haven't been visited much, just write us at [email protected].

We always have some awesome ideas for special clients on our secret shelves :)