Corporate Leisure
We love special orders because we always have non-standard ideas for such cases and we assure you: we will do everything for your corporate adventure in Transcarpathia to be vivid, extraordinary and inspiring!

We have prepared for you five interactive programs:

Vechornytsi (a party in the traditional Ukrainian evening parties style)
● Transcarpathian wedding (you and your colleagues become guests at a rousing Transcarpathian wedding)
● Girls Like It Hot (a corporate jazz party with actors and music)
● Admission into Transcarpathians (an interactive program for anyone who wants to become a true Transcarpathian)
● Adventures in the Carpathians (for those who miss mountains and incredible vacations)

We organize corporate travels, excursions, parties, conferences, forums - whatever you want and wherever you want it! Do you dream to celebrate the company's anniversary high in the mountains? No problem. Do you need a quiet and high-profile spot for a business event? We have some ideas for you. Do you want to celebrate an important event in a fun and non-standard way? We definitely have something for you!

You have an opportunity to expand each tour with various thematic excursions, tastings, active and relax programs.

We know for sure everyone, who has once visited Transcarpathia, will definitely want to come back here again! If you miss adventures, you should definitely contact us.

Why us?

We know the best tourist places in Transcarpathia
from the most popular ones and to the places few have visited so far.
We organize a unique vacation experience for corporate clients
We always have lots of ideas! From gathering in 'vechornytsi' style and to corporate conquering peaks and exciting quests.
We provide event services such as
Music, hosting, photo and video shooting, hall decoration, theatrical interaction, fire show, bartending show and much more. There is nothing impossible for us! Well, almost nothing :)

If you want something extremely special, if your dream is to get surprised or surprise your friends with a crazy trip or a super relax tour, if you want to make a corporate party "not like everybody else does" or visit places that haven't been visited much, just write us at [email protected].

We always have some awesome ideas for special clients on our secret shelves :)