Delicious Transcarpathia
The MUSE travel team invites you not only to taste Transcarpathian dishes but also try to cook them yourself under the guidance of experienced connoisseurs of the traditional Transcarpathian cuisine.

We offer:

Tastingsof the best Transcarpathian products
Craft beer by thebrewer Hans Fichte's recipes (4 kinds of beer)
Local cheeses and a lecture on Transcarpathian cheese-making (up to 8 types of cheese)
Transcarpathian wines (6 types)
Homemade meat dainties
Everything about palynka* and home-made nalyvkas* (*Transcarpathian traditional homemade spirits)
The best Transcarpathian cognacs
Seasonal dainties (snails and frog legs' tasting)
The Count Shönborn's tasting hunting set
A master class in cooking Hungarian dishes on fire
Sweet Transcarpathia: honey, jams and sweets from the well-known chocolatier ValentinShtefanyo.
Do you know how Transcarpathia tastes? Mmmmm, it's hard to compare with something, you have to taste it yourself. Transcarpathian cuisine is just a miracle for food lovers. Local dainties and eco-products will surprise even the most demanding gourmets. Bograch, bob-levesh, pidbyvanapasulia,riplianka, skomyrda* ... Do not try to learn all these names on the first try, remember how Transcarpathia really tastes first :)

*traditional Transcarpathian dishes

Any tasting can be ordered separately or in addition to the main program, tour or excursion. We conductthe tastings at different locations.

Why us?
We know everything about the best local products
from traditional wines and cheeses to snails!
We ensure quality
We work only with proven manufacturers and the best products.
We organize excursions to wine factories, cheese-makings, and farms
We will tell you and show you where the most delicious Transcarpathian products are born.

If you want something extremely special, if your dream is to get surprised or surprise your friends with a crazy trip or a super relax tour, if you want to make a corporate party "not like everybody else does" or visit places that haven't been visited much, just write us at [email protected].

We always have some awesome ideas for special clients on our secret shelves :)