Not just a party, but vechornytsi evening party!

Cool parties, conceptual parties, fashionable DJs ... We offer you something totally different. Corporate party in the traditional Ukrainian vechornytsi style!
Just as it used to be.
With dances, amusements and fables.

Traditional Ukrainian vechornytsi with contemporary hues. Joyful guys and girls in national dresses, fake sorcery, fabulous tales, songs, and dances ... A true party Ukrainians used to have a long time ago. The entertaining theatrical program is prepared by 12 professional actors and dancers. All guests participate in vechornytsi evening party taking part in contests, fortune telling, master classes in folk dance and proper Transcarpathian dialect. Restaurants, gala terraces and kolybas (traditional Ukrainian restaurants) can serve as a venue for the vechornytsi party.
Who is it for?
For those who love Ukrainian atmosphere and traditions. For everyone who is tired of loud fashionable parties and wants something fresh, fun and interesting but with a hint of how it used to be once. Vechornytsi will perfectly suitsmall groups of people.
from 2.5 hours and until dawn. The entertainment program can be continued (for example, during your whole corporate party). For more details contact our manager.
Number of participants
Up to 50 people. However, the program can also be designed for more participants, for more details contact our manager.

If you want something extremely special, if your dream is to get surprised or surprise your friends with a crazy trip or a super relax tour, if you want to make a corporate party "not like everybody else does" or visit places that haven't been visited much, just write us at [email protected].

We always have some awesome ideas for special clients on our secret shelves :)