Transcarpathian wedding

When was the last time you went to the wedding? And what about the Transcarpathian one? We would like to offer you to celebrate your corporate party not like everyone else does. We are inviting you to a Transcarpathian wedding with traditional dances, songs, entertainment and unique atmosphere. "Dear guests and family please welcome to the table" :)
One of the funniest and most colourful options to have a corporate party. Each participant will feel what it's like to be a guest at the Transcarpathian wedding. Perhaps your boss would like to try and be the MC, or the bride's father? And the chief accountant - the bride's uncle/aunt? No problem! During the program, you will have 12 professional actors and musicians working for you, which will create the right atmosphere and will not let anyone get bored. Dancing, singing, ransoming the bride... This is a Transcarpathian feast! During the theatrical interactive event, guests will be able to see and participate in all the main stages of the traditional Transcarpathian wedding. There will be fun contests, dance master classes and proper Transcarpathian dialect. Fun is guaranteed!

The program can be performed almost at any location (restaurants, terraces, kolyba (a traditional Transcarpathian restaurant).

Who is it for?
For those who love Transcarpathian atmosphere and genuine fun. For those who are tired of usualparties with colleagues on holidays and craves for something special. This is anoption for those who want a real party and haven't been to the Transcarpathian weddings for a long time :)
From 2.5 hours and until dawn. The entertainment program can be continued (for example, during your whole corporate party). For more details contact our manager.
Number of participants
Up to 100 people. However, the program can also be designed for more participants. For more details contact our manager.

If you want something extremely special, if your dream is to get surprised or surprise your friends with a crazy trip or a super relax tour, if you want to make a corporate party "not like everybody else does" or visit places that haven't been visited much, just write us at [email protected].

We always have some awesome ideas for special clients on our secret shelves :)